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Does Eating Dessert Mean I’m Unhealthy?
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Most of us enjoy indulging in a sweet treat from time to time (sometimes more frequently than that). Most of us have also been told since we were little that desserts weren’t healthy. What you eat indeed has a powerful impact on your health. But does eating dessert mean that you’re unhealthy?

Concern #1: Sugar Content

If you were to ask people whether or not sugar was good for you or bad for you, most of the answers you get would probably be that it’s bad for you. Because desserts tend to be high in sugar, it then follows that desserts are bad for you. Sugar in and of itself isn’t inherently bad for you though. The problem is that so many people consume far too much of it.

Concern #2: Fat Content

Fat content is another concern when it comes to desserts. Foods with higher fat content (including desserts) tend to be more desirable than foods with lower fat content. There are two potential problems with this. First, fat has more calories per gram than either protein or carbohydrates, which means that it’s easier to consume too many calories when eating high-fat foods. The other problem is that desserts tend to have higher quantities of less healthy fats.

Solution: Portion Control

Sugar and fat are big concerns when it comes to dessert. The good news is that you can have dessert without being unhealthy though. The secret is in portion control and how your dessert compares to your diet overall. Eating a small portion of a dessert is fine, especially if you balance that out with plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains throughout the rest of the day. If your diet has more refined sugars and carbohydrates instead, that’s worth considering and adjusting for better nutrition overall, especially if you want to eat dessert and be healthy.

Desserts aren’t meant to be healthy. They’re meant to be delicious and pleasurable. That said, it is possible to still be healthy and eat dessert. It’s even possible to make your dessert part of an overall healthy diet. Remember to look at your diet in terms of its overall content and proportions, rather than simply a single meal or dish. That will help you ensure you’re eating a balanced diet with the nutrients you need to thrive.

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