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Family-Centered Activities to Do in Salt Lake City
Kid on parents shoulders

Family is what matters most in life, or at least, it’s supposed to. Jobs and various obligations have their place, to be sure, but it’s important to take the time to do some family-centered activities from time to time. Here in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, there are plenty of family-centered things you can do while spending some time together.

Family History

There is so much you can learn about your family when you take the time to explore your family history. The Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake City is home to the FamilySearch Center. Located on the north side of the lobby level of this grand building, it’s geared towards those who aren’t especially experienced in genealogical research. There are volunteers who are more than happy to give you a helping hand, should you need one, and the new Discovery Center provides a fun and interactive way to learn about your family.

Share a Meal

Food and family just go together. In fact, there are multiple studies that have shown that there are a whole host of benefits to be gained when families eat together regularly. The street level of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building is home to The Nauvoo, open and waiting to feed you during lunch with delicious soups, salads, sandwiches, pot pies, and desserts. It’s just one of the many restaurant options you can find in downtown Salt Lake City where you can share a meal as a family.


Just a short distance away, as little as five minutes by car, is the Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum. Children are constantly learning about the world around them, and few places offer more options for learning than this museum. It’s more than just a place to look around at things. This is a center where learning through play reigns supreme. Interactive exhibits offer children a chance to learn about things like science, money, vehicles, nature, and so much more. Who knows? Maybe you’ll learn something too.

Making time for your family is important. Whether you want to explore your family history, what to bond over a meal, or learn more about how things work, there are plenty of things you can do as a family here in Salt Lake City. Plan your activities based on the ages and interests of your family for a fun, successful outing that you’ll look back on fondly.

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