The Nauvoo is currently closed to the public and not booking any events due to the planned renovation of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Currently, a projected reopening date has not yet been determined. As more information becomes available, a public announcement will be made. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


What to Expect When You Come to The Nauvoo for Lunch
Lunch menu at The Nauvoo in Salt Lake City, Utah.

You rely on your lunch to get you through the day. It’s the fuel that fights off the mid-day slump that too many of us deal with each day. Lunch is an important meal. You don’t want to get it from just anywhere. For a lunch that is nutritious and delicious, come to The Nauvoo in the heart of Salt Lake City.


The atmosphere is the first thing you’ll notice when you walk in. The Nauvoo is roomy, offering plenty of seating without feeling crowded. With architectural motifs consistent with the elegance and style featured throughout the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, where the restaurant is located, it’s a beautiful place to take your lunch. The large windows allow ample natural light to enter, while the beautiful chandeliers and recessed lights ensure you’ll always have comfortable lighting even on overcast days.


Service with a smile is a theme at The Nauvoo. A cashier is available to take orders almost as soon as you walk in the door. Any questions you might have about the menu can be quickly answered. Upon placing your order, you’re given a buzzer that will notify you when your food is ready. Don’t expect to wait long. Those preparing the food know what they’re doing and how to move fast.


The Nauvoo’s menu consists of traditional lunch fare: three salads, six hand-carved sandwiches, and a soup of the day which is accompanied by a single Lion House roll. There’s also a turkey pot pie, this restaurant’s specialty dish. If you want to try more than one dish, try the combo option and pair a half sandwich with a half salad or soup. You can also combine a half salad and half soup. Whatever you choose, the food is fresh, delicious, and filling without leaving you feeling heavy when your meal is done. Complete your meal with a fountain drink, bottled beverage, or a simple glass of water. You can even treat yourself with a chocolate chip cookie or homemade brownie. If you fall in love with the Lion House rolls, you can purchase them by the dozen.

You deserve a lunch experience that is enjoyable, delicious, and healthy. That’s exactly what you can expect when you come to The Nauvoo for your lunch. Lunch is our specialty, featuring handcrafted dishes that are a perfect combination of delicious and nutritious. Come see us and experience lunch elevated.

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