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What’s behind the Bone Broth Craze?

If you’re much of a soup person, you’ve almost certainly heard of bone broth. It’s been touted by some as a miracle elixir, full of healthy ingredients that are sure to boost everything from your immune system to the growth of your hair and nails. All that buzz is sure to have you wondering what the big deal is and how much truth there is to it.

Why the Sudden Interest?

Right about the time that the Paleo and keto diets became popular, bone broth started getting a lot more attention. Athletes and celebrities alike claimed that it was full of nutrients that were incredibly beneficial to a person’s health. No longer just a part of soup, many people started drinking bone broth on its own. Because bone broth works for both Paleo and keto diets, it’s understandable why it would become a popular thing to consume.

Is It Really a New Thing?

The truth is that bone broth is nothing new. People have been simmering the bones of chickens, cows, fish, and other animals since we started cooking with fire. It’s a thing that spans time and continents. Virtually every civilization has made it at some point in time. Some just never stopped.

Just How Healthy Is It?

Now we’re getting down to the really important question. As you might expect, anything that gets attention for being a cure-all or something along those lines tends to not quite hold up to all the hype. Such is the case with bone broth. True, it has collagen, thanks to the bones, but the body breaks down collagen to use for whatever is needed at the time. It’s not something that automatically goes directly to your skin or joints. Still, there is a decent amount of protein (partially due to the collagen), and any broth made with vegetables as part of the ingredients will also include extra vitamins and minerals aside from those leached from the bones. Then there’s the matter of hydration. Our bodies need liquid in order to function, and plenty of it. What is bone broth if not liquid?

Bone broth can be good for you, but the truth is that it’s probably not going to be the miracle elixir that some people like to claim it to be. Still, there’s no denying that a good broth is a critical part of any soup. If you’re hankering for a good bowl of delicious soup, we’ve got you covered here at The Nauvoo.

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