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A Beginner’s Guide to Au Jus
Pot Roast Dip with Au Jus - The Nauvoo in Salt Lake City, Utah

Have you ever heard of au jus before? Maybe you’ve heard of French dip or roast beef sandwiches? If you’ve seen them on a menu anywhere, you may have seen in the description that they come with something called au jus. But what is au jus? What is it made from? Is it something you’ll use on your sandwich when it arrives?

Where It Comes From

Au jus is a French term that simply means “with juice”. Au jus is a type of sauce that is traditionally made from meat drippings. It’s similar in concept to gravy, but gravy tends to be far thicker, while au jus maintains more of a brothy consistency. Most commonly, au jus is made from roast beef drippings specifically. Sure, you could make it from a mix in a packet, but nothing beats the flavor of an au jus made from scratch.

What It Does

Flavor is a big deal with anything you choose to eat. At least it should be. When it comes to making sure you have the most and the best flavor on a sandwich, sauces and condiments are pretty common go-to options. That’s the purpose of au jus. The drippings used to make it contain a fair amount of fat, which helps enhance the flavor of the sandwiches that get dipped in it. That’s even more true when the au jus is seasoned to perfection. All that delicious sauce getting soaked up by the bread of the sandwich makes for a mouth-wateringly delicious bite every time.

What to Use It For

Au jus is a common accompaniment to dip sandwiches like the French Dip or Pot Roast Dip sandwich. Remember,au jus is typically made from roast beef drippings, which makes it a natural accompaniment to these sandwiches, which feature beef roast. Using au jus is quite simple and easy. All you have to do is pick up your sandwich, dip it in the au jus, take a bite, and savor all the delicious flavor.

When it comes to what you eat for lunch, you deserve so much more than just something ordinary to fill you up. You deserve something delicious and full of flavor. That’s what you get when you choose The Nauvoo’s Pot Roast Dip sandwich for lunch. Whether you get the half sandwich or the full sandwich, you’re sure to enjoy every bite, especially when you pair it with our delicious au jus sauce.

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