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Think Salad is Rabbit Food? Think Again
Healthy Cobb Salad - The Nauvoo in Salt Lake City, Utah

Have you ever thought of a salad as a meal in and of itself? Some people do, while others disparagingly refer to it as being nothing more than rabbit food. The thing is, there can be so much more to a salad: Truly, you can take it well beyond something that could be construed as rabbit food.

Quality Proteins

Quality proteins can be a delicious inclusion in any salad you intend to make a meal of. What constitutes a quality protein can vary from person to person depending on their dietary preferences. Those who consume animal proteins may enjoy proteins like chicken, beef, bacon, hardboiled eggs, and different cheeses. Those who espouse a vegan diet may find beans and tofu as great proteins to add to their salads in addition to high-protein vegetables.

Delicious Fruits

Vegetables are usually the go-to ingredients for salads, but fruits can be a delicious inclusion as well. Apple slices, berries, and oranges are popular fruits to include in salads. They add a delightful sweetness and a bit of acidity in some cases. They do much more than just taste good, though. They’re an additional source of fiber and nutrients. Berries are particularly well known for being an excellent source of antioxidants. Try pomegranate seeds for a fruit option that provides an additional crunchy texture to your salad.

Crunchy Garnishes

Speaking of crunchy textures, no salad is complete without some crunch. Garnishes are a great way to add that little extra crunch that takes a salad to the next level. Crunchy garnishes come in all forms and shapes. You could add nuts like slivered almonds, pecans, and walnuts or seeds like pine nuts, sesame seeds, or flaxseed. These are especially great garnish options since they are also sources of healthy fats, fiber, and proteins. Tortilla strips can be a delightful garnish for any salad with a southwestern or Mexican flavor. Add wonton strips to Asian-inspired salads.

Salad can be so much more than just an appetizer or a side dish. It can be a meal in its own right, and a deliciously nutritious one too. With all of the proteins, fruits, vegetables, and garnishes you can choose from to include in your salad, there are an endless number of ingredient combinations that you can use to create your own unique salad. Truly, a salad can be so much more than just rabbit food, especially when tossed in a mouthwateringly delicious dressing.

Looking for a great place to have a delicious salad for lunch? Click here to find directions to The Nauvoo! See you soon!