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Easy Ways to Boost the Nutrients in Your Diet

A nutritious diet is one of the foundational elements of living a healthy lifestyle. When people eat a nutritious diet, they tend to have more energy and feel better throughout the day than if their diet is less nutritious, and that’s just the beginning. Eating well impacts virtually every aspect of your life. So what are some ways you can boost the nutrients you consume in your diet?

Get Colorful

You’ve probably heard that it’s good to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. When you do, you get the benefit of consuming a variety of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. Fruits and vegetables tend to be pretty good sources of a handful of nutrients, and the phytonutrients correlate with the color of the food. You need more than just a handful of vitamins and minerals and one or two phytonutrients though, which is why it’s important to consume a variety. See if you can consume fruits and vegetables in every color of the rainbow throughout the day.

Substitute Whole Grains

Carbohydrates tend to get a bad rap, especially grains. While some people have good reasons to avoid certain grains, most people can consume them without any problems. One of the keys to healthy grain consumption is to choose whole grains when possible. Whole grains have greater quantities of fiber and nutrients like B vitamins, folate, iron, selenium, magnesium, and potassium.

Drink Water, Not Calories

It may seem strange to think of water as a nutrient, but it is. It’s one that many could stand to consume more of too. Proper hydration is essential for good health. Every system in your body needs water to function properly. If that’s not enough, it’s naturally calorie-free. If you’re in the habit of drinking sugary drinks, choose water instead. It’s a great way to improve your hydration and decrease your caloric intake all at the same time. If you crave more flavor, try adding slices of citrus fruits, strawberries, or cucumbers for fresh flavor without all the sugar of soda or sports beverages.

If your diet could use some extra nutrition, the good news is that there are some easy ways you can make that happen. Add more colorful fruits and vegetables, use whole grains when possible, and choose water instead of more sugary beverages. It may take some practice, but as you increase the nutritional content of your diet, you’ll likely find that you feel better and more energetic throughout your day, as well as enjoy greater degrees of health in your life.

Getting enough fiber in your diet is an important part of healthy eating. Click here to see The Nauvoo’s suggestions for high-fiber dishes to include in your diet.